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FREE ADVICE AND HELP for songwriters and musicians with production and recording related problems


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I own a professional recording studio in Canada. We’ve worked with some pretty top tier clientele, and on some huge projects! both live and in studio. I have been approached by numerous sellers and buyers alike about issues with their recordings, so I thought I’d set up this discussion as a means to help people with their recording problems.

We’ve dealt with everything from Wind noise in outdoor recordings, bad distortion from recording at excessively loud volumes, and worst of all fixing the mistakes of other studios! We’ve done all sorts of editing, and some interesting situations that verge on the near impossible, enhancing vocals in almost inaudible recordings. So please feel free to come forward with all your productions questions, the advice is always. Last night I even had someone ask me to do their schoolwork for them!

If you have questions as to what I do for a living as an Audio Engineer, Musician, DJ, and Owner of a Production Company, check out my Gigs page: www.fiverr.com/studio32 and feel free to contact me!

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