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Question about withdrawing by Payoneer


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Reply to @wpfalcon: Not available? You sure? Here’s a statement by Payoneer:

Payoneer provides an excellent solution for Indian residents, providing you with a local bank transfer service. This means that we send your payments from a local bank in India, in INR. Our conversion rates are among the best available, being only up to 3% above the official market mid-rate at the time of transfer.

We charge only $5.95 per transfer to your bank account, and there are no other costs associated with the service. If you’d like to send me an e-mail with your payment reference number (or account e-mail address) I’d be happy to look further into your most recent payment.

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Reply to @wpfalcon:

Can’t you read or is it something you can’t figure out?

I am from India, Payoneer card is not available for me.

Yes, Payoneer is available to Indian residents but maybe you're simply not reading it properly.

And stop repeating what you said about $20, this is not what I'm arguing about, I'm arguing about the fact that you're misleading other users as to Payoneer not being available to Indian residents.

If there's one who should educate himself, it's obviously you. You're having trouble expressing your ideas.
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