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Fiverr became unfair to level 1/2 sellers


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I’m a level 2 seller and last year i’ve sold a lot in the Christmas/holiday season, but now with the front page selection that fiverr is currently showing, my sales went down to zero, not a single christmas sale. It’s unfair for the sellers that don’t get featured (i never got featured, not a single time, despite my 99% rating) on the front page, because we can’t sell anything anymore. Fiverr should go back to the old model to make it more equal for every seller.

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Hi Cheerdealer, I sympathize with you and agree the old system was a lot better for me, too (Level II Seller). It’s easy for the few Top Rated sellers to say it’s no big deal, but when no money means you can’t pay a bill or you don’t eat, it means a LOT to us!

I’m adding you to my prayers 🙂


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I know a lot of level 1 and 2 sellers (that are not featured) that are swamped with orders right now. I’m sorry to hear that this is your experience, but, in all honesty, this is YOUR experience. Many of the Level 1-2 sellers that I know are doing very well in terms of steady sales.

Not everyone’s experience here on Fiverr is the same. Are you promoting or marketing your gigs elsewhere on the internet? Do you have web pages, blogs and social media pages for your gigs? Are you promoting your gigs like the tips here in this forum suggest?

Sales rise and fall here on Fiverr. If you’re not making the kind of sales you want right now, perhaps they will pick up again for you after the Christmas season. 🙂

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Reply to @jonbaas: I know there might be plenty of different experiences here on fiverr, i’m talking about my own. The point is that nobody search for gigs anymore, or my gigs are not appearing in the results, because there’s a big difference from last year. Like i said, i got zero sales this year, so it’s obvious that the website changed and not in a positive way for me.

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I think it’s Fiverr’s way of spreading the love so new sellers don’t get discouraged. It’s hard to break into this market because there’s a fair amount of history now, so unless you have something super unique you’ll never rank high enough to get orders. It probably doesn’t make much of a difference to Top Sellers because they have a client base. Ultimately it’s a good thing for Fiverr and sellers on both ends of the spectrum, but clearly some sellers got stuck in the middle.

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Do you really know that when you complaining about the number of sales and there is also TRS complaint about this as well? My suggestion is write a good gig description with beautiful gig photo to attract more buyer. Stay positive and work hard. Good luck 🙂

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As a long time Fiverr…err… I can honestly say the new system sucks. Even me, who has a perfect rating (Not even 1 negative ever) has lost a LOOOTTTT of sales since the new system. I literally went from 30-50 a day to only a few. And those few are generally repeat clients.

I’m lucky. I’ve been here so long I’ve built up enough regular buyers to keep me going. If it wasn’t for them…

My point is this.

I understand the need for Fiverr to show new peoples gigs along with the old ones.

But, when you see 10 sellers on the first page showing by high rating.

Some of those people have 10 sales and 2 negative reviews… Or 50 sales and a dozen negative reviews… or 3 sales with 1 negative review… And you also see these sellers have been on Fiverr for a week or a month… Then say me, who has been here over 3 years, 1000’s of sales and no negative reviews at all. I wonder why they are all on the first page and I’m nowhere any more.

It kind of boggles the mind. And yes. These are in my category. So… Why?

It is honestly a slap in the face to the older members who helped make Fiverr what it is today. “We” were the ones who promoted the Fiverr website as we promoted our gigs. We are the ones who have each made Fiverr thousands of dollars. And we get bumped out by a new seller who has 5 negative reviews out of 11 sales.

It’s very… very frustrating.

In short. Yes. The new system has really done a number on a LOT of people.

We hear sellers saying they are doing great… well that’s great! How many of their sales are from repeat clients they’ve built up over the years? Like mine.

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I must say I am having the same experience. I realize that others are awash in sales, but this year that is just not the case for me. Last year during the month of December I made a lot of money. This year, I have made a lot less. We’re talking a magnitude of 30 times less.

Yes I’m promoting my gigs via blogs and my website

Yes I’m doing the social media thing

Yes I’m submitting to buyer requests

I realize sales ebb and flow but this is a bit beyond just a simple “ebb.” I also have a perfect rating, haven’t been late delivering the orders I do get, and overall everything has been peachy from Fiverr’s perspective.

It’s just frustrating to hit a time of year where you historically have done well and the sales just dry up. Especially when it’s a time of year when some extra money would be REALLY helpful.

Not saying it’s straight up Fiverr’s fault. I just think something can be changed to make the algorithm work better to be “more fair.” I realize newbies need a chance to be promoted and the Top Rated and Super Sellers have earned their spot at the top of pack. But there has to be something that can be done to help out those of us busting our butts in the middle area. Maybe it’s an algorithm change, maybe it’s a change to Welcome page or search function…I don’t know.

I like Fiverr. I really do. It will probably always be a part of my work as long as it’s on the net. But it just makes me sad that it seems Fiverr has abandoned the “middle class” as it were. That may not be the case as I only can see it from my perspective since I don’t know what’s going on behind the curtain.

Oh well.

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Reply to @bigbadbilly: I 100% get what you’re saying. If I was in your position, I would be frustrated too…and I feel a little guilty because I’m one of those people benefiting from the new system.

I also get why Fiverr did what they did. They can’t grow if new sellers can’t get orders because they’re overshadowed by awesome sellers with a stellar history, even though you can argue that’s how it should be in a free market. I think Fiverr went a little extreme though. Sellers who’ve worked hard to build a business shouldn’t be penalized for their success, which is kind of what’s happening.

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Reply to @bigbadbilly: Exactly! We are strong together but alone we are just a part which can be changed with another, I want to ask What is Fiverr without us 1 and 2 level sellers, this is similar to very good known situation that 99% of all worlds money is in the hands of 1%, so here is the same 99% of gigs is in queue of 1% sellers, so I’m offer to unite and to demand equal rights for all of us, top sellers already promoted because they have a badge of top seller and they are few in quantity than we! And many of them isn’t top at all there is a many sellers better than they but they didn’t get orders for example bigbadbilly he delivered more than 3000 orders and there is no negative feedback at all, why he is not a top seller?

But there is a top sellers who didn’t care what they send you, and didn’t answer to your messages, it’s not very polite! this is not a words I can prove my words!

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Question….why don’t we ever hear from Fiverr management on these valid points.

I am only a fairly new seller. I have completed 4 jobs with 100% rating, but have not had an enquiry in weeks and weeks.

I noticed Fiverr boasting that there are over 3 million…yes, million….gigs available. Sellers, we now have more chance of winning the lottery !!!

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How about this for discussion - what ideas can we come up with that would help, given that there are indeed millions of gigs. Perhaps some of the best ideas generated in this thread could be posted in suggestions. Might not help, but doesn’t hurt. Fiverr obviously can’t display all possible gigs in the top results. On the other hand, what they do now isn’t entirely balanced either.

Off the top of my head, my suggestions are:

Continue the practice of dropping gigs out of search results if they are not in line with Fiverr ideals or whatever that party line is they use. However, I do think that a sellers whole line of gigs should be dropped from search just because they have some bad eggs in there. Sometimes people are new and just don’t know any better.

Fiverr should have someone on staff review a few newly created gigs on a routine basis. Gigs should be either removed or dropped from search if they don’t offer anything clear at the $5 level or if they use obvious stolen images for profile or gig images. (i.e. a picture of a celebrity or the Nike logo, etc.)

All other gigs should be included in search and should be rotated through top level results to give everyone a chance, and that should be done as evenly as possible between new sellers, level 1, level 2, and TRS. Perhaps a little more weight could be given based on level but not so much that any particular level is heavily penalized.

What do you all think? Pros, cons, other ideas?

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Reply to @fonthaunt: It’s a great offer from you!

There is a many of gigs with closed portfolio, I tried to close mine but it’s not work for me.

So what if the seller closes the portfolio to send the same logo to different buyers? I tested idea and guess what I get 2 logos with same symbol but a different text I asked my friends to make that test with their accounts. Sellers who get 100 and more orders a day physically can’t create unique logos for all of them so they use cliparts, online logo creators etc…

I think it’s a clever idea to keep only gigs which is handmade by gigs owners, I feel fiverr don’t care about quality, it’s like a big cheap bazaar where everyone try to cheat to sell his product, so when I see this I get angry with that many of good sellers is unknown here because of not fair seller with marketing tools they use. When I read this article(http://blog.folyo.me/the-5-dollar-logo/) I was shamed because I have a gig here.


The Folyo Blog


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@fonthaunt -

fonthaunt said: Continue the practice of dropping gigs out of search results if they are not in line with Fiverr ideals or whatever that party line is they use.

The problem with this idea is that a Gig that Fiverr staff may not like... someone else may really like.

What should be done is the gigs should be listed by how well the seller performs the gig. Not by the gig itself.

Example? You may hate cartoon graphics. So for you that would not be an ideal gig to show up on the front pages. But I may love cartoon graphics. So for me, they should be there.

Gigs should be indexed by the skill and reliability of the seller, which is gauged by sales and feedback and conversion. The way it used to be done here.

fonthaunt said: Fiverr should have someone on staff review a few newly created gigs on a routine basis

Easier said than done. They would have to hire dozens of people to fill every shift of the day. There are just to many new gigs being created now to keep up with it in a way that makes financial sense.

fonthaunt said: All other gigs should be included in search and should be rotated through top level results to give everyone a chance

I agree to this... mostly. I think new sellers gigs should be rotated and put up... but... at a rotation less than older sellers with established gigs. Why? I'll use myself as an example.

I've been on fiverr over 3 years. I've sold over 10,000 gigs and have zero negative reviews. I promote my gigs and thus promote Fiverr in general. I've worked my ass off and also paid Fiverr over $10.000.

Because I have so many sales and a perfect record why should I have to be removed from the search results due to a new system? I've earned my spot on the top. So to give all the virtual real estate to brand new sellers or sellers with a lower rating just seems like a slap in the face. I understand new sellers will say: " But if we're never featured how can we prove ourselves? " But, the fact is... I don't really care. Like I said. I've earned my spot. They should have to EARN THEIR SPOT AS WELL.

I do agree that new sellers should get on the front pages of the search. Sure. Ya. But I still think established sellers with a good sales and review record should get more.

Sadly... Since Fiverr V2... and then Fiverr V3... this just doesn't happen.

Nothing worse than going into my gigs category... seeing 2 week old sellers with 8 sales and 3 bad reviews have completely over run the category. And me? Removed or bumped to page 9976517678239. LOL
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Reply to @bigbadbilly: Yes you are right, definitely you are a top seller I’m talking about your contribution and not sale of the day, it is very unfair to you. So we can offer together because it’s not only your story it’s a story of all new users and level 1 sellers but wait you have 10000 orders done without any negative review so it’s a 2 level sellers story too, how many years you need to get top seller? you are here for 3 years but there is a top sellers who get the badge in 1 year maybe the feedbacks need to be 5star only? don’t think so.

Let’s give some ideas here how we can help to fiverr to improve the system,

what if the sellers will pass the test like in odesk so it will give you some badge of your skills or the option for sharing the orders with other sellers somehow

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@bigbadbilly: I agree. @fonthaunt: I see where you are coming from and agree your suggestions would be awesome but BBB there is pretty accurate in his response. And as someone else stated, there are over 3 million gigs available on Fiverr. When I started they were making a big deal over the 1 millionth gig. Now the water is diluted twice over again.

Granted that isn’t taking into account the fact that all 3 million aren’t in one category. And I’m sure some categories have quadrupled while others have only doubled in size. So mileage may vary. But it is a good point that there is a lot more competition across the board.

Here is my suggestion:

There should be the “cream of the crop” that is always on the main page of the category. These should be on heavy rotation of all Top Rated, Super, and really experienced Level 2’s who have perfect ratings and over 1000 sales. Since this group is smaller than most, combined with the constant rotation, there should be an extensive amount of exposure for all. The algorithm can be tweaked so certain seller types get more time than others…I’ll leave that up to the experts.

Then there should be a large middle section of mid level 1’s and 2’s who have been on the system for a bit and have a proven track record. This should be on a constant rotation. It will create an ebb and flow to sales for these folks since this group is much larger, but I think it will make things more fair. This also allows for the mid level folks to move up eventually. It may take longer than it did before, but now with 3 million gigs everything will take longer. You only fall off this section if you just completely implode and get a ton of bad reviews and lose levels and all that nasty stuff. A bad review here and there, well that limits your time on the page, but you still remain.

Finally there should be the “newbs.” Just a level at the bottom where new folks are on heavy rotation. 2 bad reviews are allowed here but it features you less than those that don’t have bad review or no reviews. 3 or more, you’re not featured here. That way it keeps folks who are doing a good job on the main page of the category, and it keeps out the folks who don’t know what they are doing and muddying up the waters way too much. (We all know we have a lot of “copywriters” here on Fiverr who say they can write in English yet used Google Translate to set up their gig. They need to be weeded out.)

That’s my suggestion. (To be honest I think this is a “little” like what they had in V2.)

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Reply to @darrendesign:

So true.

I am a graphic designer too. And I can tell You is impossible to create more then 5-10 logos/per day in 16 work hours. I am sure there is no time for any paper sketch. Some projects over $50-100 can take up to few days.

I am so sad atm with no orders but with much free time…

I need to do something because Fiverr is my main income (I work only here) so I can not to wait anymore.

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Reply to @bigbadbilly: Overall I just added to the discussion to get some ideas going that maybe Fiverr would actually consider and I am hoping others like you will continue to add. Only one thing I do want to respond to. When I said that they should continue to drop search results based on Fiverr ideals I actually was a bit lazy and didn’t look up the real “party line” I’ve seen others quote. The few I’ve seen that mentioned it appeared to have gigs that were not specifically against the Fiverr ToS but were against that of other sites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

When Fiverr gets a negative report about someone offering 10,000 Twitter followers they usually either decline the gig and/or send the seller a message about being removed from search results. Someone who has gotten one of these messages may be able to give a more exact quote. I am not really against these removals since they can result in a buyer losing their social media accounts months after a Fiverr purchase. That is bad for the buyer and bad for sellers who offer quality services that won’t result in that kind of problem, and those quality sellers can end up in high search results instead of a seller at any level including TRS that offer problem gigs. I’m not saying everyone agrees with me, just clarifying my point. I’m just level 2 seller myself and open to any ideas to improve Fiverr for everyone offering quality services. 🙂

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Reply to @cheerdealer: Very true. But just complaining about how it is now without throwing out ideas is even less productive.

It’s good to sometimes powwow and come up with ideas. Someone may think of something I haven’t, that I think is freaking genius…which I will promptly take to CS as a suggestion. And I will encourage anyone with a pulse on the forums to do the same.

Granted that hasn’t happened yet…but I’m an optimist…so here’s to hoping.

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