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What happens if a Fiverr seller is reselling a theme that he paid for once, to multiple customers?




I hired a seller to set up a wordpress theme ready for me to customise.

He told me that he’d need to purchase the theme and then set it up.

This has now been done and I’m having trouble with the theme.

When I go to google, it says that anyone who has purchased the theme gets free support as long as you can prove that you bought it. I’ve gone back to the person I hired (and paid a few days ago) and apparently he didn’t buy it specifically for me. Apparently he bought it once and now just re-sells it.

He’s confessed in messages to me that he purchased it once and then just re-sells it on fiver to multiple customers.

This means I now have an illegally gained theme on my site which concerns me as it’s a business site. I left great feedback and paid him because I didn’t think to check this out.

What can I do now?

Can I have my feedback removed?

Is there a chance of getting my money back???

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It depends on the situation.

I’m not sure about wordpress… but… I see a lot of video templates sold on Fiverr.

Now… here’s the kicker. If you are a member of a paid site that has templates, you own them and are allowed to sell them. You get a diclaimer when you join the site saying you are allowed to sell/use/give away 100% of the content on the site.

In that respect they can sell the stuff.

But… And I see this a lot. Sometimes these people get the templates for free one way or the other and try to sell them. That is not legal.

So… When buying a template or modified template ask the seller before hand if they have the copyright disclaimer.

Now… why anyone would buy a template I don’t know, when they can join the site for a month and get dozens of them for the low price of membership. But alot of people just don’t know.

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Count your loses my friend… I bought a Theme on Fiverr and after the guy uploaded I gave him a 5 star review all excited. When my developer went to edit the Theme it requested a license to activate the virtual composer. Seller refused to give me the licence key. Party was over I had to go back and purchase the original Theme from the makers. I wish I new this before. This is so scammy and Fiverr should do something about this

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