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I can't get order. Suggest me what will I do


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Hello !

I am a new seller in fiverr marketplace. I have create two gig about 20 days ago. I have share the gig in social medias. But here it gone 20 days but i can’t get sell from my gig.

What can I do for get orders

here is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/sayed16/design-2-unique-minimalist-logo?context=advanced_search&context_type=new&funnel=2014113001280068115250200

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Hi Sayed,

Like any other business it takes time to get you first order.

You should try to add more gigs within the graphic design (if you know how to create other stuff). Also have a look at the buyer request and apply when you can do what they need.

A lot of people think Fiverr is a magic place where you will sell from day one.

Like any other shop, the buyer have a lot of choice, so try to put yourself out of the box and create amazing design offer.

Looking at your keywords, and how the others sellers present their Gigs, should help.

Hope that help, and see you on level 1


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Guest biggz27

@sayed16 i took a look at your profile and you only have 3 gigs. I highly recommend to add more. The more you have the more chances you have to get an order. Also make videos of your gig, the graphic design area is so competitive.

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I agree. Right now you have to study and refine your gigs. I’m new too and just reaching level one. The science is behind what the community is doing to learn and promote yourself in the same vein.

I would recommend selling to people you know personally and get them onboard. It helps in the beginning and you’ll learn the process better to seal the deal.

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My first suggestion is to have someone correct the grammar in your description. (you have

some spelling errors too)

I tend to avoid many sellers with poor grammar because the person comes across as not

being professional, and I am also worried about having communication problems.

Also adding more samples might be a good idea. 🙂

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