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Mail (or Export) order details upon delivery of the gig


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Dear All!

After some time it become difficult to search for specific details related to some orders delivered in the past.

Often I have a need to refer to some information “hidden” within order details and with current system it takes time to find them.

At present I have to open a list of my orders, find the page that contains an order from the seller I am looking for, and I have many in my list so it takes time. Good if I remember how to spell his nickname, can use the URL trick to print the list of delivered orders. When seller is found, I need to open each order in a new tab, because from title you can’t say to which of my projects this order line refers to. I have more than 10 orders with some sellers. Finally I have to analyze each tab to find what I was looking for.

Probably some of you have also faced the same difficulty.

It would be super helpful (at least for me) to have a possibility to mail to a user the order page with all the details when order is complete (in txt, htm or even pdf file). Currently when order is placed a letter is sent, why not to send another one when order is complete?

Searching for details using our favorite mailing software with is own search functions is much faster and simpler, may save some of us a lot of time (and load on fiverr server). I think this feature should be implemented somehow!

Or as an option, if we can have some sort of export feature - where we may tick orders we would like to print (export) in full details and Fiverr will generate some single PDF file containing all the details from selected orders.

Any ideas, suggestions, or best practices?


Mike K.

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I understand that Fiverr may want to keep everything on their site rather than sending it through other platforms or services, but I do feel there is a need for a better filing system for past orders. It can be very difficult looking through them, because as you said, there are so many steps involved. What do you think, Fiverr? Is that something we could do? 🙂

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Oh! to my surprise I already requested this feature some time ago. And only one person replied, thank you Helena8664!

Now I see, probably that thing doesn’t bother people much.

Hm, I think I’m getting old, personally I don’t like most of those WEB20 features - webmasters substituted functionality with “simplicity of big buttons”. Now we have on big “Load More” button, and we have to press it 20 times to get back to page 20, why would someone find it more user friendly than “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…Last”?

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