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What is the Status of Featured GIG


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Reply to @esmond: LOL, if I knew I’d be rich, but one way is to promote your gig outside of Fiverr (but be sure not to put any outside links to your non-Fiverr identity anywhere on Fiverr itself – never give anyone your email/Paypal/FB/personal information ever or you will be banned!) but you can link your Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/email friends to your Fiverr account.

If you have a blog there is a widget you can put on it that lists your latest gigs – http://fiverr.com/getwidget.

You can list your gigs here: http://forum.fiverr.com/categories/promote-your-fiverr-gigs

Be sure your gig tags are relevant and direct. Be sure your gigs are professional-looking with perfect grammar and attractive presentation. Try to give something a little different/more with your gig. Be generous with your buyers.

Good luck!

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