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Shouldn't complain, right? :P


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So several weeks ago, I set up a new gig for Christmas. Within a few days, I got 4 orders right away, and of course it

made me happy. Then poof, orders stopped coming. I’ve been working at Fiverr long enough to understand that things like

this happen all the time, so I’m not worried or complaining. Plus there are hundreds of Christmas related gigs out there, it would

be pretty hard to stand out.

Then several days ago I got a $200 order for my other ( and most popular) gig, and of course I was happy.

So in the end, I am still making sales, things are great, I’m in the middle of messaging back and forth with another

potential buyer, but it’s one those feelings where I shouldn’t complain, but Oh wouldn’t it be nice if I can get more

sales for this particular Christmas gig, since after all, I did create it specifically for Christmas!

Is anybody else going through the same thing?

That “I’m not really complaining, but sorta-kinda maybe complaining a bit” feeling?? 😛

;lktdf xdfs

The " ;lktdf xdfs " above was typed by my cat just now.

Again, has anybody gone through the same thing? LOL

To all of you out there who has Christmas gigs, let’s hope Santa brings an early Christmas present for us,

more Christmas gig orders! 😃

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So a little update.

I just got an order for a translation gig, and it was $95. Sounds good? Actually it ain’t, since I am thinking of canceling it. This buyer is trying to get me do his work for a way cheaper price. $95 might sound good, but the price he should be paying to get this certain gig done is $200, and I told him so in the message I sent him. I guess he decided to conveniently ignore that part.

Then right after this all happened, I got an order for my Christmas clothesline gig.

Now THIS made me happy!! 😃

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