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What is Wrong with Fiverr?


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I thought of making this thread so we can all share our vision about what’s needed to be done to make fiverr a better place.

I do hope that fiverr will see this topic as a constructive criticism and maybe our virtual voices will be heard.

I will begin:

  1. It would be nice to get rid of the 0.50 transaction fee implemented in November
  2. Searching for a specific gig, usually leads to a not very relevant search
  3. Fiverr should make something about customers that need to buy gigs in bulk quantities and not make them deposit 5$ for each gig. This would lower the costs for buyers, that have to pay an extra 5$ in transfer fees for every 5$ spent.
  4. Fiverr should check the availability of a user to perform more gig, before making him a “featured” in the newsletter. Today I received the newsletter in the e-mail with some gigs that had 30 orders in queue and were for 7 days in vacation.
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