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I need your help


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Hi Guys,

glad to be here with you,

ok now

i just need a tip from you guys:

i have had a 100% feedback coz my gig was in writing a book or an ebook in 3 days

that was very successful but one time i haven’t had time to write coz i was very ill

that because the feedback is down to 71% ,

and now the people don’t buy from me

coz my feedback is 71%

how can i solve the problem ?

i need your Guys

I am waiting for your comments :((



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Guest itsyourthing

First thing, don’t worry about it!

Many people obsess about having 100% positive feedback on here and yeah it will definitely help you get more work. BUT, if you take a few minutes and look through some other gigs with lower ratings, you will see plenty of gigs ordered AFTER a seller got negative feedback.

Just focus on getting the work done in the future to build up your positive feedback- and if you find that you’re not going to be able to complete a gig on time, make sure you communicate with your buyer before the gig goes late.

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