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Fiverr credit and how to get my money back


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I have $75 on my fiverr account and I read everywhere the only way I can get the money back is if I request a refunds from PayPal.

So I have two questions

First is if I paid directly from my credit card number or bank account how do I request to get my money back?

Second is that I understand if you do that through PayPal or whatever your account gets suspended, when they say your account gets suspended, when they say account do they mean my divert account? Because honestly I rather get my money back and get my account suspended rather than have my money taken away from me and never be able to use it again.

I really /need/ that money back

So can someone help me understand exactly what to do to get my money back that I paid through PayPal and paid through my credit card directly?

I honestly could care less if my fiverr account gets suspended

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This is the most likely explanation. Contact your seller beforehand (to check that they like this solution in the first place!) and explain that you want to spend $150 or whatever, but you will initially buy $120s worth of extras, then update with the remaining $30 added from PayPal. Or, you know, just do that anyway. I’ve had buyers do it sometimes with me and so long as they pay for whatever they want, I’m cool with it.

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