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Damage Control In Regards To Fiverr's New Fee. How To Deal And Use It To Your Advantage


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So. Here we are. The new Fiverr fee on gig sales.

I doubt I’m alone when I say I’ve already had to explain it to repeat clients over and over and have lost more than a few gigs because of it.

General consensus is that the Fee itself “isn’t” the real problem rather the reasoning behind it. The “Principle” if you will. People think with Fiverrs fee already at 20% per sale… The new fee is simply Greed.

Are they right? Who knows. Only Fiverr knows that.

But… I’ve decided I’m going to try to work with the system instead of against it and see what happens.

Here’s the idea. I’m hoping it will work for me… and maybe it could work for you as well.

Simply alter your gig in some way to compensate for the extra fee.

So a little extra work.

I deal in social media. So I’m thinking I may change my gig to add a little more than I do now. Pointing out in my gig description that the small extra bit I’m providing is to keep the value of my gig intact and on par with the small fee increase.

(Cough Cough… Not trying to promote my gigs (Or am I? LOL) but it’s the easiest way to give an example. )

My Gig.

Promote your page getting you at least 50 New Likes.

New, Edited Idea.

Promote your page getting you at least 50 New Likes. Plus an additional 10 Likes to offset the Fiverr Fee Increase.

(Obviously I won’t word it like that. I’ll try to find a nice way to present the idea)

But… What are the general thoughts on this idea?

And… Has anyone tried anything like this with any real results.

Curious to know.

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