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My Fiverr's Account has been hacked, read to prevent it happen to you


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Hi Guys, i am new seller here, writting this using my room mate account, cause my account has been hacked… i never share something in forum before, so i do my apologize if i choose bad word or inappropirate word…

So, it happens 2 hour ago, i was get a message from teamkevin, and i always active in the forum even i never write something, and i know that kevin is one of fiverr admin…

so the hacker who pretend to be kevin is asking me if i have low sales ? then vote for this link, and that link goes to page, where the page is really looks like fiverr, the strange is, it ask me login even i already login in fiverr

i attach the screenshoot of his question from my email cause i cannot access my fiverr account now. so below is his message


i am so excited that i choosen as featured as he said below


and he ask me about my security question, its like hypnotize … you know, when youre still new seller and choosen as featured, you dont even think “is this right ?” what you think is just “lets give it to him, let make the gigs featured” as featured gigs in fiverr will be good business and investment…

my first answer is not match the database he said, see below


it because he ask me in all capslock and i was answer in capital word too, so i reply here’s my security question please try this same word, with not capitaled, cause thats my securty question, and its case sensitive …

the strange happen,

my fiverr apps cannot recognize me anymore, when i refresh it, its freezing, until i login it from my pc, and you can guess what happen, the email or username is wrong, and i click forgot password, and as you can guest my email is not registered… i guess he change my email with my security question…

I’ve submit a ticket using this account too, they not reply yet, but i believe it will back cause i have all the proof in my email…

So for you guys Fiverr admin cannot prevent someone using their logo as profile and their support name as username, so dont believe in anyone who asking about your pass or security question, cause if fiverr want to make your top rated or featured, they dont need your security question right ?

i am so fool , i know, i am so greedy as human and want my gigs featured, until i cant even think the right things…

for my client that still in the project, Alex and fossenbrink, if you read this, i do my apologize, your project is delayed due this issues, cause your script and all material to do the gigs, is in my account… so i do really apologize… the hacker has set up my account for 21 day holidays i cant do anything until more information from fiverr…

and for fiverr admin, i am strugled to make my gigs to stay on top, thats why i use express delivery for my gigs to attract buyer, please help me asap… cause my pending clearance is now reach $108and around $90 upcoming earning… and i do not want the hacker to WD my work…if you need proof or anything to proof that is my account, i am ready…

And for you guys, please be more careful with your account, cause just like you i use fiverr as full time job, no other job … so DO NOT GIVE ANY INFORMATION BEFORE YOU ASK FIVERR IF IT RIGHTS !

Thank you for read my advice, hope it not happened to you

and sorry for my bad english…



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no, its like hypnotized… it happens so fast i know my bad, i am so greedy

thanks for the advice,

here’s the link he gave me to ask me to vote

(please see the link in image, cause i cannot write the link due the fiverr rules)


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Guest itsyourthing

Reply to @ilaptopmalang: Don’t feel bad about being tricked, it happens to many people - even people who aren’t new. Thanks for trying to make sure nobody else gets fooled. I hope FIverr fixes your account and gets the fake site shut down.

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Sorry this happen to you. I really appreciate your honesty and being up front how it happen. I read other posts where they say they were hacked but in reality they provided the information without being aware of it. This scam has been going on for some time.

Hopefully your forthright and honestly will alert others. I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud, but hacking is about breaking code. These are more like scam artists who trick people in to providing their login details. A real hacker would not use those tactics but instead would actually break the code to access your account without any assistance from the user. Wait I’ll take that back. A true hacker would not go after just one account but ALL OF FIVERR and usually not for the money but to bring the site down.

Again, sorry it happen. I have had attempts as well but knew it was not legit. Too bad fiver somehow can’t put a stop to it but when you think about it, it happens on other sites (i.e. facebook, youtube, etc) where a person will try to fool someone into giving up their personal data. If youtube (google) can’t stop it with all their wealth of resources not sure if Fiverr can either.

Good luck and again, thanks for your honesty.

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That’s very unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that English isn’t your first language, or you’d have quickly realized that English also is not the hacker’s first language. The messages to you are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. And I’m not sure the “pitch” even makes sense. You’re somehow voting for your gig? I’m not being critical; I’m sure a lot of people have fallen for the scam. Still, the pitch is almost unreadable…and with a link to a gmail address?

Good luck.

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