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Fiverr Rating world wide is continuesly decreasing, That's why our bussiness is getting down


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Hello Friends,

Fiverr’s Rating world wide is continuesly decreasing, That why our bussiness is getting down. Can anyone tell me why is it happening, I have recently checked the report on Alexa.com and the results was worst. I dont know why is it happening and is that something good going to happen with us soon ? Is there anyoter websites which growing these days to beat fiverr I mean buyers from all over have started on other websites to post work ? Please let me know…

Below is the alexa’s reprt please do check.


Kindest Regards,

M.SWaud Siddiqui

Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web


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Hello SWaud, Christmas is on it’s way. All are busy completing their work and planning for super holidays so there will be less traffic on social media as well as on fiverr.

Just let holidays to get over, there will be much traffic by opening. :)>-

Stay with fiverr. Enjoy holidays 🙂

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This have been discussed several times. Alexa is not very accurate these days. Must other stats websites show an increase in traffic for Fiverr, while Alexa shows a decrease.

The truth is Fiverr is getting traffic. These days maybe a little less than usual because it’s December, but nothing to worry about. If something feels different in the site is because of the way gigs are being displayed in Fiver 3.0, and of course these christmas days are a little bit slower than usual. But Alexa has been showing a decrease in traffic the whole year (and that is not plausible). Alexa is wrong.

Check the following thread:


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