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Account Hacked

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I always find it interesting that some people get hacked daily it seems. But me… Never. Not once. Ever. Not in over 3 years on Fiverr. And not on the internet in general.

And anybody that actually ‘Can’ hack into stuff has more important things to “Hack” than someones Fiverr acount. They would hack something they could actually make big bucks from.

So… sometimes I really wonder…

And sometimes… some people (Not meaning you) just need something to complain about or to try and tarnish a reputation for one reason or other.

Like I said… sometimes I wonder…

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Reply to @bigbadbilly: I agree with you completely.

Even its more than 7 years of working not a single instance there was when my account was hacked.

We should be careful

And this is the 2nd time you are saying that means you didnt learned your lesson when it happened for the 1st time. That you have made the mistake again.

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As much I know they wont disable your Account until you provide them with the ownership of your Account proof.

As you are saying that you want to prevent the hacker from withdrawing the amount that means you have not linked your paypal account.

I hope you have applied for Fiverr Revenue Card and you have set security question and we hope that hacker has not changed your security question.

Because this 2 things only can help you verify your ownership.

Or else Its hard to say then.

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