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Really Few Good Buyers


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I don’t know it’s just me or this is happening to all the Sellers with 100% Rating.

From last few weeks i have experienced really complex buyers first of all they talk rude then they try to overcome me so i complete their work and refund them back with a full hope that they will abort my Cancellation and Mark the gig as complete BUT BUT BUT they happily accept my refund and cancel the order with all work complete.

I Really miss old days when Buyers were very nice, polite, humble, co-operative and Honest.

Last week i was working for an order worth $45 i worked really hard i changed whole of its template and completely changed his template to what was agreed amazing pagination more sliders amazing header and much more it was like designing a whole new template within 3 days delivery time (i was customizing his whole blogger template and my gig delivery time was 3 days) Being a seller you know 3 days are really short, so when everything was almost done after 2 days he started pressurizing me that i am going too slow and keep on telling me that if i am not interested then please tell me so that i can find any other one i am totally not happy with your delay, so i told him that everything is complete just 1 issue remains i still got 1 day to deliver i will manage it, so i pointed out everything and he agreed.

Then to put further pressure on me he said of something which is not possible, He said "I want my header to be like girl holding a recent post with thumbnail and keep sliding while she move her hand with it which you are not able to do and which is too hard for you i guess."

He was expecting me to do within this order, Now he should know that such work need Programmer Plus Graphic Expert so its a whole team work it is possible but it is expensive.

i worked so hard for him but i was afraid that with this attitude he is going to put some negative feedback for me so next thing i will be doing is to beg him to remove this. No way… even after i finished for what we agreed, i was too much tired to handle all this so i tried my luck i offered him refund with really polite and detailed Note pointing out every single thing which was done and complete and told him you were satisfied.

After few Minutes he just accepted my cancel Request.

so all the template customization was for not a single penny… am i F****** retarded, was he really a person…?

i was like Ohhhhh!! i was so depressed so i decided to hell with this gig i will no more work for this so i suspended it.

What do you say what should be more appropriate in this situation? if you talk to Customer Support they either cancel the gig or they ask me to beg your seller to remove his feedback.

Some people when they see 100% rating they buy your gig just to rate you down and if you refund them they happily accept it regardless of how much effort a person do.

I am also a buyer and a human and i do understand that if someone is offering some service he is doing some effort regardless of what the results are but he did something… after all it is just $5.

Please Share your reviews and guide other Sellers on how to overcome or Avoid such people.

And will the GIG Description and Buyer Instructions can save us from such buyers??



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Sounds like you got hosed and stolen from I would contact support and explain that you feel this may have been a scam, It’s possible this man is doing this to other sellers to get free work done. and support can put a stop to it! I have gotten a few nasty ones lately also, its not just you!

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Guest mrspanda

Eh, my bad buyer for my tarot gig thumbs’d down me because other readers told him he was this amazing next coming of the messiah thing that I simply did not see. Upset, he gave me negative feeding saying I did not live up to his expectations. Okay. I said I give 2 pages worth of tarot reading. I gave him TEN because he asked me a lot of complex questions and I saw a lot of negative things. I also always give my buyers the solutions to fix these things. I did not warrant the negative feedback at all. He was just petty and upset over my honesty. He refused to respond to me even when I offered a refund. I contacted customer support and showed them my work. They agreed to remove the negative feedback. I messaged this buyer a week later telling him that my refund was off the table and I wished him the best. He then messaged me back telling me to ‘stop harassing him’ and that he has contacted customer support to have me 'taken care of.'

Okay. So I’m harassing him for offering him a refund for a week.

Customer support must have told him to bug off because today, he very nicely messaged me and said ‘Please keep the money. I wish you future success and no harm. I will not leave you negative feedback ever again (he continued to leave me feedback in the past even after customer support removed it three times!)’ They must have told him to stop.

I pretty much message customer support with any problems and I am always polite to them. I constantly thank them for their help and apologize for being so needy. It has worked for me so far. You get more with honey than you do with vinegar.

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Reply to @mrspanda: i remember the time when i use to offer a wordpress fix gig, people order a gig and ask me to find an issue with their WordPress so sometimes the issues are like that which cannot be resolved by me because they were due to some third party service errors so i ask them as the issue is not fixed you can have your refund, but they refuse and say please mark this gig complete you did a great job you found the issue you spent your time.

BUT Now a days as the fiverr traffic increase more people coming up i find such buyers to be really few.

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I think, putting a cancellation directly forward is a bad idea. If you give the opportunity for buyers to have a refund, and the work completed, they’ll take it. I certainly would - it’s a great deal.

You just need to make sure the work you are doing is clearly outlined. If a buyer asks for more (and you can do it), simply explain it is outside of the original quote, and would be an extra charge.

If you a buyer is rushing you to finish - you should set a firm deadline from the start, before the order is placed. If a buyer wants extra fast delivery - charge extra.

I perform a lot of custom work for websites here on Fiverr, with orders ranging from $50 - $500, all of these projects have worked well - because I clearly stat what I am going to do (in points/steps) and how long it is going to take.

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