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Long String of Gigs Purchased Totaled to Nothing but Wasted Money


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I have a book I wanted to publish. It was my first so the first thing I needed was the book proofread. Ordered a proof and received it back. Then ordered a cover and got it back…I thought I was on my way! Then ordered a formatting and that cost 5 gigs. I get that job back only to discover I need Another, DIFFERENT cover for create space, so I ordered another cover. The formatter did the formatting for 8.5x11 per my request. I finally buy another cover and the cover guy tells me that create space does not allow that size if there is 40 pages. So the formatting is wrong the two covers are wrong and I am right back where I started. My only choice is to cancel the cover that is now wrong.

Unless you are a genius at each stage you are only wasting time here. People here want to sell gigs but in the end you don’t have anything you can use. I have ordered 30 gigs in thirty days and feel it has all been for nothing. I am no closer to having a book than when I started.

I am done with fiverr. What a waste of time.

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It seems to me that you have had no idea what you wanted. You should have checked create space website for dimensions of the cover.

You should know what you need before you order a gig.

At least the proof reading is done and you know exactly what you need for your next book.

Life is learning.

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Thanks for the reply. I think I was a bit flustered last night and have had time to reflect. I simply wanted the book in print by the Jan 1 deadline. I have since considered a different company to print and have sent them emails on the issues I have. I tend to want things too quick and just need to slow down.

Even though I wrote earlier I was through with this platform, this morning it was my first place to visited. I guess I am frustrated that the formatter who appeared to be skilled did not give me the needed advice on the size of the book.

I actually am glad I have an endless team of experts to vent to. I greatly appricate your advice and help and if I cannot weed through will contact you. On the up side I am writing on another project everyday and will soon need your proofing skills again. The upside is I have a work that is still very close to ready.

Life is about learning I just need to take a breath. I think now I see that publishing 15 years ago was very difficult for good reason.

Thanks from the community for getting me this far. Without fiverr I would still have a stack of hand written notes on napkins and wishing I could get published.

Hope to hear from you again.


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Reply to @texashorsenet: Masterpieces take time. 🙂

I’ve been working on the same book with a buyer for around a year and a half. He’s deliberately taking his time for a number of reasons, but mainly to ensure perfection.

Just take your time. Slow things right down and always message sellers before you commit to something so important to you. You’ll probably look back in a years time and laugh at this frustration.

Good luck!

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