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Buyers... Quick Question for you. (sellers should view)


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What is the FIRST thing you look for when you click on someones gig?







I am curious to know what you intentionally look at first and what weighs the most in your decision making and why…

If you could take a moment, that would be great. I think your input would help other sellers as well to know which part(s) of our gigs are most important to our potential buyers.

Thx! 🙂

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I have to agree with kjblynx with the language part, 99% of the time I won’t even click on the

gig if the gig title is written in poor grammar, so for me, the title comes first.

Next is the sample image. If the sample image is in poor quality, or was clearly taken from stockphoto or google image, for me that shows how serious the person is, so I will skip that seller.

Same thing with the avatar, if the seller is using some Hollywood celebrity or some half-naked model’s photo, I will avoid that person.

Third is the rating. I am aware that some buyers are extremely picky, and that it is becoming

harder for many sellers to maintain a 100% rating, so even thought the rating is below 100%,

I am willing to give that seller a chance.

If the rating goes lower than 95% though, it will make me think twice.

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Let me offer my 2 cents on language/grammar. Some SEO gurus will fudge with grammar a bit to make sure their gig ranks high in search engine for keywords. Granted you can’t be so far off with your grammar that it spoils the meaning but certain keywords placed in certain areas can make all the difference in the world (google keyword density for more info).

With that said, no matter how good your grammar is, it will do you KNOW 🙂 good if buyers are not finding your gig.

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Like everyone else… Grammar is a big thing. Spelling? Not really… but grammar. Yes!

I have a pet peeve with sellers who write stuff like: " I can get 25 sells " - Instead of writing: " I can get 25 sales ".

It’s a personal thing but if you want to come across as a pro at what you are doing at least make sure the grammar is correct! Spelling as well but for me… more care with the grammar.

If a seller can’t take the time to make their gig come across as good as it can I always think will it be the same if I order their gig?

The next thing… In my area of gigs is the reviews. Not the ratings but the written reviews themselves. That generally gives a good idea.

Then, just because I like to do it I check their profile and see if the reviews/sales add up with their total sales and overall rating. If all their gigs have a perfect rating with a combined sales sheet of 25… I tend to make sure that they don’t have like 100 sales in total and a less than stellar rating. Generally that happens when people delete their gigs when they get bad ratings.

( You can’t hide bad ratings by deleting gigs ladies and gents. The numbers just don’t add up )

Overall though. I tend to try and tell if a seller is serious about what they do. And also look to see if there was a problem if they tried to fix it.

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