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Why you cant trust us. (new seller)

Guest reniel

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HI im new on fiverr… i have read many discussion in this forum and i thought that the buyer gives more chance on gigs with high rating and reviews… so why cant you trust us. like me a new seller.Being new seller we could do the best product you ever want… because we have plenty of time and not busy with many orders… thank you… (sorry for my grammar im from philippine)

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The reason for a Buyer to visit fiverr and to find a Seller of a service is to accomplish specific goals: get a drawing done for a book cover, design an illustration for an article, write an article for a site… and so forth. Buyers will therefore spend money to get money: 90% commercial and 10% personal. Therefore socializing isn’t one of the reasons.

Buyers therefore skip new sellers because:

they are a great risk. They are a risk because no one has reviewed their service delivery and most importantly, their gigs are extraordinarily VAGUE.

The majority of sellers give unclear descriptions about their gigs which boils down to the “notion” that they want a Buyer to pay for a gig and be limited in how they use it. No Buyer will choose this type of seller, whether experienced or not.

Although $5 is not a great amount, hundreds of Buyers buying at $5 is a decent stream of revenue. There are so many Sellers whom have figured it out and serving people very well.

I advise that Sellers ensure that their gig descriptions are clearer.

What are you offering?

How much of what you are offering is worth $5?

How much of your offer falls into an extra gig?

Finally, after a Buyer pays for the work, what has he paid for?

Who owns what?

Beatcolectors comment below perfectly nails it: “When working on something for me, if you feel that you created the next Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck character, then keep that one for yourself and make me something else”.

The chance that you get a buyer is a level playing field.

All the best.

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Most of the time the problem lies in the seller not being clear what the $5 comprise of. Sometimes it’s not a good enough gig for them to be first to buy. Sometimes, it’s simply that your gig does not fit what they’re looking for.

My suggestions:

  1. Make two more gigs, probably something with full body drawing. Or something that can help customers make money.
  2. Try to practice drawing with using only imagination. Some customers have a specific image in mind, mostly fantasy images and as such has no photo to give you. In this case, they automatically won’t hire you, even if they like your style.
  3. Try to learn drawing in manga/anime style, nowadays, these kinds of styles are more sought after. Heck, if you can give me a good price for an anime style pic drawn strictly from imagination, I’ll be your first customer, no problem.
  4. Understand the needs of your customers. Most of your customers come here to pay sellers to help them make money. If your gig is not something that they can use in order to make money, they won’t bother. So try making gigs that can make them money, such as book cover, illustrations and so on.
  5. Give extras that are not necessary, but are awesome.

    Hope this helps.

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Your Topic Title is one of the reasons.

It says: " Why you can’t trust us " meaning that you’re going to explain why you can’t trust new sellers.

What you should have wrote was: " Why can’t you trust us? " or " Why won’t you trust us? "

That would make it a question and not a statement saying that you can’t trust new sellers. Which is what your topic actually says.

The point?

A lot of new sellers don’t use proper grammar or spelling when creating your gigs. You just want to get the gig made so you can start selling. BUT… If your grammar is horrible or your spelling who would want to buy a gig from you? IF you can’t take the time to make sure your gig is put together in the proper way people won’t want to buy from you because you don’t come across as a pro.

I’m guessing English is not your first language. That’s OK. But Fiverr is an English site so you should at least get someone to proof read your gig before you publish it.

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Maybe you can buy a gig from a new seller who write better english, and then publish something.

I dont trust new sellers who cant write proper english. Even I cant writer proper english but if I want to buy from someone I will rather buy from someone who explains their gigs in better english than others.

I hope you understand. But hang on, maybe you can do better than others. Looks like Uber (taxi app), the Taxi was there but they did better, same with Airbnb, the hotels where there but they do better. Please be creative and do better than others.

Its a good thing to promote yourself.

And the reason I WONT BUY FROM YOU IS BECAUSE: Your use of font in your gig really really is bad. And you the vector cartoon you create looks like just some photoshop actions you run with a picture. They are very low quality.

And of course, your language. Maybe you can hire someone from Fiverr to fix your profile 🙂

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I have ordered from new users. As a buyer, I AM looking for quality. I understand that users here come from all over the world, so it makes no difference to me if someone does not write in English perfectly, as long as we can communicate.

I also understand that $5 is NOT a lot of money. I don’t mind, for example, the “extra gigs” for a logo offering a vector file for an additional charge. But let me SEE the logo you come up with first. If it is GOOD, then I don’t mind paying the extra money.

The only sellers I REFUSE to deal with are the ones who want me to agree to a copyright contract as if they were the attorneys for Warner Brothers! If I am buying a logo or an illustration, I want ownership of it. I’m not going to agree to use it in one book to be published within 3 years only, and only in six markets across the world, with credit to this that and the other and 60 other rules. I have my customers and clients too and I would never ask this of them. Most of the things we do (our projects) are making us money, but SMALL amounts of money. I might spend $50 creating something using various gigs on Fiverr and sell it for $100. This is NOT a multi-million dollar undertaking. When working on something for me, if you feel that you created the next Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck character, then keep that one for yourself and make me something else. Because maybe you DID happen to create that, but it is not what I am looking for.

As a buyer, all I want is decent work delivered in a timely manner, with no surprises.

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