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Advise needed on multiple gig descriptions, images etc

Guest alw1nl

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So I offer a list of services that fit well under various categories, or gigs from different categories are related to each other. Also most orders so far were funny enough not related to what I offered in that gig but I accepted them no problem for me.

With repeatedly editing my gigs and trying everything I ended up having quite the same gig description and same image under various categories, which is mainly a summary of all things I offer. The URL name of the best selling gig has not much to do any more with the actual offers under that gig. (I think URL’s should be auto-updated with the titles)

I just wonder if there are smarter ways to set it up, any suggestions? Eventually I can hire a seller for reviewing and improving my gigs. Please check to see what I am talking about.

Suggestions for improvement welcome.


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Guest swagdesi


I can see that you have same Gig Images for your 5 gigs and that really does not give good impression to buyers.

And it looks ugly too.

So to improve it you will have to change the Gig image and it should be different for all the gigs

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For the gig image I decided to do a no frills text-only image just to tell buyers what they can ring me for. Some buyers, especially companies prefer clear and simple. The first weeks it worked quite well.

And actually I do like the all-round concept because buyers were asking for it, having a guy who can do more or less everything without wasting time with searching then first having to learn new sellers if they are okay or not. Don’t forget that many sellers are just a waste of time.

Why do you think it does not give a good impression to use the same images, can you explain?

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