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Hello, im in Fiverr since quite 3 months,

im level 2 and i had about 80 sales,

My problem is that i see my service is selling less

I’d need to upgrade my gig but id like to have some suggestion from older and experienced seller

if you would gently help me to get more.

Ive read all the post on the forum related to "increase your sales"

But im looking for a more personal opinions!

It is like if i always miss something.

I’ve added a video some days ago and i didn’t get the 220% of impression, but ive drop drastically.

Makes no sense for me!

So ive leave it and now im looking for that thing that is missing.

I have no bad rating,

all 5 stars except for a 4,5 (only one review)

i have 2 cancellations made in the same day:

1_ a customer who charged too much for mistake and we accorded to cancel

2_ a customer (this case makes me really pi…off) that ORDERED


in the case 2 with no complain, i accepted and asked for the cancel

and he did never talk to me after.

This is very rude.

After these 2 cancellations my sells have STOP.

for days.

Im a little upset for this,

but i keep my work, and i give 200% to my customers.

Now, you know all,

What else can i do?

Click on my name and check my gig please, let me know your impression!

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There’s not really much to tell and no secrets.

It’s hard when you start… and Fiverr, like the real world is up and down.

You might get 10 sales one week and then no sales for a month.

There’s no secret and there’s no good reason. That’s just how it is.

If you’ve got 80 sales in 3 months you’re doing good. For me, when I started I had about 50 sales in 6 months. You just have to wait.

You also need to promote your own gig. Fiverr doesn’t do it for you.

Do you have Facebook? Twitter? Friends? Family? Then let them know about your gig.

You can’t expect someone else to promote your gig. You need to do it yourself.

Aside from that… You should maybe have someone look over your gigs and fix your grammar. It’s really not that great and when I read your gigs… and see all the errors it doesn’t look good.

Even your English in this post is wrong.

renflowergrapx said: Hello, im in Fiverr since quite 3 months,
im level 2 and i had about 80 sells,

Do you mean:

" Hello. I've been on Fiverr for 3 months.
I'm a Level 2 seller and have about 80 sales. "

It's NOT "Sells". It's "Sales". Like I said. Get someone to help with your grammar. And make sure English is their first language.

Not much else to say except good luck.
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Guest lucyagag

Well, it’s January and as with most business; sales can go down after the holidays… I would start worrying if February comes along and this trend continues, but, till then, you can relax and maybe think of some other gigs you might be able to offer.

With all of that said, I’m fairly new to Fiverr as well, but, those are my 2 cents on the matter! 😃

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