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My Christmas gigs are not visible when I search for them in fiverr


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I have 3 Christmas gigs, but still no sale. Also, I have 0 views for each gig. This is not normal, I also searched for my Christmas gigs in fiverr and I am not able to see it. Is this a bug? Am I the only one who is experiencing this?

I wrote a letter to fiverr support but no answer yet. Maybe they will reply when the Holidays will be over.


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Only checked your “reveal your logo for Christmas” gig

A problem i’m seeing is that you have setup 5 tags or keywords but you’re only using 2 of them in the description. the keywords are greetings and christmas.

With “greetings christmas” your gig shows up but have to click load more a couple of times as those keywords are really common.

I would recommend you use all 5 keywords in your description.

When checking your description you’re using the word video 7 times, so that should be a tag as its obviously a relevant keyword, the second most used word is logo. From a crawlers perspective those two words would be your main keywords.

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