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Hi there;

As someone who has only ever bought gigs, I can only tell you what I look for.

First off, your description says “CEO of an SEO company”… I would either take that out, or specify exactly WHICH company. If you’re a legitimate company doing business in the US as you claim, then people are going to look you up before they spend their money. If, on the other hand, you say you’ve been working on internet startups and traffic-building for 8 years as an independent, I’d be fine with that because it would seem perhaps more honest. If people sense danger they stay away, and they sometimes can’t tell why they feel that way.

Also yes, I agree your picture needs changing. It’s a really interesting pic, and if you know the artist or are promoting him/her then I’d say so in another gig, but it has nothing to do with SEO except maybe metaphorically.

Lastly, if you can prove results in any way at all you’ll be far ahead of the game. There are tons of SEO sellers on fiverr and almost none of them can back up their work with real results. I wasted too much money figuring this out but no more.

I applaud you for asking for opinion. Sometimes people can be tactless. Good luck in everything.

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