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Method to avoid bad reviews and cancellations due to customers not reading the gig properly


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I have had this issue in the past and it has always bothered me.

Some customers place the order and ask for something totally different then what is advertised in the gig, afterwards they dont respond to your messages and instead give you a bad review when you dont deliver whatever they asked for.

At the moment if someone want to give negative review this is all they have to do - order gig, ask for something completely different - don`t reply to your messages and then simply cancel (mutual if you are fast enough to catch on; or for late delivery if you are stupid enough to wait for them to reply to your requests) and this will result in a negative review for your gig in both cases.

I am sure this has happened to multiple sellers and most of use usually just comply with whatever astronomical requests the buyer has in order to avoid a bad review.

The way the system is set now the buyer is always right - even when they are not.

There should be some option in the cancellation page to help better protect the seller from negative feedback that can accumulate this way.

My suggestion is to have an option to ask for a human verification when a cancellation occurs in order to tell if the customer is at fault or the seller.

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I’m fully agree with you. I suggested to Fiverr in my post some days ago that one solution is that our gig should be configured to avoid clients to push Order Button, voluntary or involuntary.

Also i have had clients that think that all i show in my gig cost 5$… To avoid this i have added a Note, but for me is necessary this button must be controlled for the seller an not accessible from the gig, only from the messaging system.

Some people thinks that Fiverr wins money with these not desired orders, i don’t know, but for me is a bad way to make business and only generates disappointment to sellers.

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