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App Developers: Beware of what others are asking you to do


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I was contacted by fragglesrock, who asked if I can install an app that plugged in his backend. I’m not sure exact 12Tp and pptp.

After carefully analyzing what he was trying to do, basically he’s asking for me to publish an App, that is set up as a front, then he would manipulate the changes after publication, and the app would do malicious things.

This is a No-Go, especially under your own Apple & Google Licensing.

Under Google, they would flag and ban all your accounts for life. While Apple would probably follow suit unless you can prove otherwise.

I have been approached by hackers and thieves with this proposals from other sites and emails. And when I confronted this guy, he blocked me so I couldn’t copy or screenshot his message. Considering his account was a spanking brand new account.

So be on the lookout for requests like this.

Sheriff’s note: naming other users is not allowed.

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