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The best music to work away to when doing Fiverr gigs?


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No, I’m not posting here at 1:49am (GMT) after a few vinos… well, I am, but I’ve been working on an Australian clients brief for the past 3 hours and I’ve finally finished.

What got me through that 11 o’clock shadow?

Well, a nice glass of red wine, a healthy fire, but more importantly, GOOD MUSIC!

So, here are my recommendations for good Fiverr working music (if you are a designer of course - I’m sure other gigs like to work in the dark, quiet and a solum abode!)

  1. Sebastien Tellier - la ritournelle

    An essential tune for all Fiverr designers. It’s 7mins long so you don’t need to worry about another track for a while. In fact, get it on repeat, it never bores.

  2. Damien Rice - Eskimo

    This one builds to a big crescendo half way through and inspires you to get that artwork just right - well, it does me anyway!

  3. Anything by Anne Dudley (American History X, Art Of Noise etc)

    She is a pure genius to get the juices flowing… ermm.

  4. Thomas Newman

    Another genius. Six feet under, Meet Joe Black etc…

    And if you want to have that music flow through the day, not worrying about playing certain tunes, can I recommend:

  5. http://somafm.com/secretagent/

    Nuff said… Start your day with this and your productivity will shine.

    Anyway, that are my ‘get through a Fiverr day’ tunes. Anyone else?




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See I’m all about the cool upbeat swingy vibes when I’m working, it’s tough if I’m working on someone else’s music, but if it’s edits, and tedious repetitive work, I love that’s toe-tapping funky swinging beat!

Check out this stuff:

  1. Caravan Palace (EVERYTHING BY THEM!)
  2. Bart & Baker Thrift Shop Remix (feat post modern jukebox)
  4. Gramophonedzie (amazing DJ and notorious for amazing horn sections)
  5. Happy by C2C (wonderful song by a crew of hard working DJ’s watch their DMC competition video)
  6. Parov Stelar (a little more laid back, but still very dancy)
  7. Pretty Lights (amazing producer check out his behind the scenes documentary, A color map of the sun)

    Take the time to listen to something by all of these examples, really some creatively complex and fun music here, and well outside of most peoples regular listening tastes, Try something new 🙂

    If you want to hear more amazing music like this, contact me, I love to share, and I do music for a living, and create really cool stuff like this too, so i love to talk about it for hours at a time!

    Please feel free to stop by for a chat!


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