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Paragraphing in Fiverr descriptions


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More a question really as well as a suggestion. Can we use HTML or the like to add Paragraphs and Breaks into our Gig descriptions? The length can still be limited, but would be good to be able to break descriptions out into paragraphs.

Only asking because I think I tried some HTML and it didn’t work.



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I think the reason they don’t allow HTML in their descriptions is because Facebook doesn’t read HTML in their descriptions. I didn’t make the connection until now. When you post a link to a fiverr gig on facebook, facebook pulls the description. Facebook doesn’t show HTML in their descriptions so even if we did have HTML enabled on the Fiverr site, it would look like a real mess on Facebook.

Of course, this is just speculation, but it would really clear the air if Fiverr could step in and explain why they don’t allow HTML in their descriptions.

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