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Delayed Clearance and Problems with Traffic


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Hello everyone,

I’m very sad about fiverr, to more than 20 days my traffic dropped abruptly and the questions stopped coming. I review my gigs frequently, I’m always improving the information, never had any problems, but I realize that there is something wrong in my account.

To make matters worse, and wait 14 days to get the money from my services, fiverr is not paying me, yesterday December 3rd day I was to receive $ 96, however, the contact support I was told that is normal take more than 14 days, and that I should wait another day,


Well, today is December 4, and nothing has changed, my ticket is no longer answered and wonder if someone here can give me some suggestion of what I do.

Response from Support Yesterday

Thank you for the order number. Very occasionally, it may take a little longer for an order to clear and become available for withdrawal. Please let us know if the funds from this order do not become available for withdrawal within 24 hours, and we will be happy to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you.


NAME - Fiverr Customer Support

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