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Buyer Requests - First Contact From Buyer

Guest evpassino

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Guest evpassino

I love the Buyer Requests option. I check it all the time and send out somewhere between 3 and 8 offers per day.

When a buyer responds to my offer, it shows me the gig I offered, but not the request I responded to. Sometimes the buyer starts out giving me enough information to figure out which offer it was. Most times, they just respond with something along the lines of “thanks for responding to my request, what are your thoughts on how long it will take / how much would you charge?” It’s awkward when I have to be like…which request was it? It would really helpful if the buyer request was tagged in their response.

I tried tracking it by screen name, but while you can see the name when you make an offer, once an offer is on the table, you can’t see the screen name anymore.

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