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Pls teach me well about how to sell?


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No one is likely to take the time and tell you how to sell step-by-step when you can find that information for yourself in the Help/Support section.

I’ve posted the link for your convenience:


Happy reading!


Fiverr Customer Support


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How to sell well?

Make sure you’re good at what you’re selling, that’s the first step. And make sure you are actually good, not just believe you’re good. Compare yourself to the best in your field.

Then, simply make a gig to demonstrate how good you are. Include samples, include previous experience in your description, include information on how you’ll help buyers.

If you can do all of that, you’ll eventually get a few buyers, who will lead to more buyers.

Unfortunately this forum is full of people who want to skip step one and go straight to step 3 (getting buyers without being proficient at what they do).

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Reply to @kjblynx:

That might prove successful. 😉

There are, sadly, far too many new users here on Fiverr who seem to think that they can make thousands by not doing any work, research, marketing, or set up… and expecting everyone else to make things happen for them.

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