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It's a Bird...It's a Plane... It's a Fiverr Level Two Seller!


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Hello Friends,

Need advice now on how to expand your work on Fiverr.

Just now I got promoted to level 2 and I have only 1 Gig so just thinking to expand it more.

Logo, wordpress Issue, Whiteboard Animation there are many option that I am good at but the question is do level 2 sellers get more exposure than level 1 and new member??

And is it necessary to have more gigs under your belt to get promoted to TRS (touch wood just thinking to get promoted to that level also :-P) or even 1 Gig will do??

I know its too early to think of next level but just a question.

All your Advice are welcome 🙂

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Hi! Congratulations!

I’m not gonna give you advice since I just turned level 2 yesterday myself. But I remember seeing a few TRSs with just one gig. They only did that specific thing but really good. So I think it’s more of a personal option whether you want to bet on one really strong gig or offer a wider range.

So, good luck! 🙂

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