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If a customer orders extra things and is ok with time will it impact gig


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I am new to Fiverr and I am facing a scenario where one of my customer want’s to order a Gig that requires me 3 days but he wants much more advanced features which need more time lets say 5 days.

He is happy if I take more time but will it impact negatively on me if I do not deliver according to the mentioned time in the Gig?

I cannot create a temp Gig just for one order.


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You should utilize gig extras - adding services with additional costs will allow you to justify additional days - which can be specified.

When I’ve worked with people and they communicate with me that it won’t be delivered on time- then I am not going to give them negative feedback. I’ve had people mark it as delivered - and then send me the final version when complete… and that works for me.

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