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Task names & Gig approval


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Custom Order names:

You really need to let Sellers put custom task names on each Gig order they get. These order numbers do not help at ALL. Of course they help you but not us. For instance, I draw things for people and from these orders I have to try to associate the persons name with the task. I can’t remember who ordered the mechanics logo, compared to the guy who wanted a character concept. Please add this!

Gig Approval:

I really don’t like how someone can pay for a gig and it immediately adds it to your que. If I am swamped the only thing I can do is put myself on vacation. For instance, I had some order 5 character concepts and they put x5 on the gig, so it gave me the correct amount of money but it didn’t add on extra days! So now instead of one concept in the 3 day time, I have to do 5 characters in 3 days. Not cool. Please add it so we have the option to approve a gig into our que, or not. Again, it is just an option/toggle, so you can have it off if you want and everything just gets sent right into your que.

Please make your site better.

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