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My Tip: Ask before you order


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i am a seller here on fiverr. I love Fiverr 🙂

The best way to be happy with your order is: Ask before you Order !

It can be that the seller has a issue in his description

It can be that the seller descritipon is not so good weiten

It can be that you get a special offer if you need before you order

The best way, ask before you order… Its easy for you too !

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Your welcome …

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Guest evpassino

Absolutely! It’s 100x easier to deliver what the buyer expects when they clarify beforehand.

I would go so far as to say there should be a mutual acceptance before the countdown begins. This isn’t like Amazon, most Fiverr sellers aren’t dealing in goods off the shelf. I don’t think it’s so unreasonable that we get a chance to decline before the order goes through.

I just had to cancel my first order because, even though the buyer messaged me beforehand, they weren’t up-front about what their project entailed. It sucks because now I have a cancellation percentage to worry about when the buyer never should have submitted that order.

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In just about all of my gigs, I encourage potential buyers to contact me PRIOR to purchase…in order to discuss their specific requirements, in relation to my offer(s).

It might seem intuitive, but, people sometimes have to be told to actually reach out to you. Plus, I think people appreciate the opportunity to engage in dialogue, to validate a decision to buy, before they actually purchase.

Now, I don’t have much experience selling on Fiverr just yet…but, I’ve had alot of success selling elsewhere online/offline. The value of the relationship can be greatly overlooked and undervalued. It might take a bit extra time, at least on the front-end, to correspond with a potential buyer…but, people also want to feel like they trust the person they are about engage, before they place their order. Entire books have been written about establishing relationships/trust.

Customers–especially longterm customers–are created when they feel that they can trust you.

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