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Is there any bug in order processing system?


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Hi there,

is there any one facing the same problem that i have?

my buyer having some order processing issue, he has purchased my gig “design family crest, coat of arm, badge Item #3561757” and “deliver full package item #3601275” but this order is not reflecting in my seller account, neither in to do list nor in manage sales list. So I’m unable to perform work for him.

His name “Francis Shannon” and account ID is "xaveshannon"

i have created a support ticket but no email received for verification of my ticket. Ticket status is “Request not yet submitted. Please check your email to verify and submit your request.”

  • Rajeev
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I’m having content problems placing an order

When I hit Order button I get a red message “Something is wrong” - Great - that’s really helpful

Going for two days now. Customer service is useless.

I have thousands of dollars of work that needs to be done. The frustration and wasted time involved of dealing with this system is overwhelming.

Can someone from Fiverr contact me and get this s**^ working please! I’m trying to give you money.

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"If you have technical issues or concerns regarding your personal account the Fiverr Support Team is available 24/7 to help you."

This is absolutely not true. The customer service process is as slow and complicated as everything else. I am waiting TWO DAYS now for the resolution of a simple problem. Work is piling up. Stress is mounting. Does Fiverr have any idea how much business it loses this way?

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