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My laptop is broken, orders are cancelled and status get's lower and lower


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I already used my vacation days for this year so it’s very nice how I can’t temporarily set my account to vacation status for this problem. Instead I have to choose between suspending my gig and losing all my efforts or automatically accepting orders which I can’t do and cancelling them the whole time.

I always liked Fiverr, but here I already have to say, why didn’t you keep the possibility in mind that a seller might get a broken laptop? There currently is no good solution at all for me. I just have to hope that it’s fixed in 2 days.

The worst is that I currently get a lot of orders of 10 dollars and 30 dollars, which I didn’t get before, and now I have to mutually cancel them all. For one order I said, can you cancel it if I don’t send a message within 7 hours, he cancelled it instead of mutual cancellation, and I suddenly went back from a rating of 97% to 93%. If this continues I will get a rating of 50% after my laptop is working again.

Can the Fiverr team do anything for me or am I simply f**ked? (I added those stars myself as I don’t know if there are kids here.)


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