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Very exclusive service but no sales


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To be honest, I don’t know why you aren’t making sales on your gig. Sales are entirely within the choosing of the buyers on this site. If they like it, they’ll buy it; if they don’t, they won’t. Perhaps there isn’t much of a market for this gig? Or, perhaps potential buyers want more information than you provide in your gig description, and are hesitant to buy with such limited information.

I don’t know.

If looks like a great gig, and you’re right it’s certainly unique. 🙂

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That certainly is interesting. I am sure you have rights to the music and such used in the videos, or that the buyer does just to make sure you do not get into any legal trouble over copyrights. It is a very interesting gig indeed. My specialty here is gig descriptions so that is my focus but, I have already written an in depth article on the forum here on writing gig descriptions so instead of repeating myself here is the link http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/49716/how-to-write-an-amazing-gig-description

Your gig is truly unique and I may even consider ordering a few for some of my clients.

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Allow me to hop in too,

I must say among so many of the “I have good gigs but I get no order” posts, this gig IS

actually unique, I am surprised that people are not buying it, it seems like a very nice way to

promote business.

If I was going to be picky about something, I think it is your grammar.

The gig itself is good, but potential buyers might avoid buying your gig if they see

grammar errors. It’s not just people being worried about having communication problems,

it makes you look unprofessional.

I strongly suggest you to ask a native English speaker you check/fix all of the grammar

in your gig and profile if there is anyone around you who can help.

If you don’t have anyone you can ask, hire someone.

If you are not willing to pay that extra money to make your gig perfect, that shows

how “unprofessional” you are. Well, at least I personally will see you as an “unprofessional” person,

and I usually tend to avoid sellers who are not willing to fix their grammar or not willing to take

that extra step.

I really do think this gig unique, good luck!

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