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Seller's Defamatory Remarks


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A seller I recently gave a negative review to (the only negative review I’ve ever given out of 24 fiverr orders) added extremely defamatory remarks about me after the review. She told sellers to stay away from me, which upsets me because I have other business I would like to conduct at fiverr. How do I respond to salvage my reputation among sellers? Notice I have not mentioned the seller’s name, because I truly am not, as she calls me, “a bad egg.” She called me a “liar” who asked for more work at no extra cost. I simply asked for modifications, which are allowed. She had made no changes to my photo that I could see. She told me to re-order. I asked her if we could cancel the order since I didn’t want to give her a negative rating. She gave me a nasty response & said she didn’t care about the rating I gave her. I gave her one star, & she added the defamatory remarks about me after the review. Is there any way I can add a reply to her response, not to attack her, but simply to defend myself? As I said, I want to continue to do business with fiverr sellers. Thank you.

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