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Give another alert when buyer has sent their information for gig/uploading from mobile devices


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I have several gigs that require information from the buyer before I can start. Sometimes the buyers either don’t submit their info immediately or they don’t submit info at all. There have been several occasions where I have received the alert that an order has come in but they have not submitted their information. Eventually, (days or weeks later) a buyer might submit the information I need but I am not alerted to the update. I just happen to log in and the counter says you have 3 hours to complete this gig (my gigs range from 2 days to 5 days). I would love a secondary reminder. When the iPhone app was working, this was not a problem.

As a side note, it would also be nice to be able to upload from a mobile device. When I am not alerted to the buyer submitting their info, and I am not near a computer to complete it in 3 hours, I often write a response in the notepad of my phone and email it to myself for when I get home - hopefully before the time is up. I would like to be able to upload from a mobile device so this will not be an issue.

Thank you!

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