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How do I increase my conversion rate?


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How many orders are you getting? If you are getting orders, I would focus more on the quality of the jobs you get and the total dollar amount you make rather than focusing on the conversion rate. Most of our jobs are labor based and there is time associated with each delivery. You could have a incredible conversion rate and a horrible hourly wage if your not careful. That would suck the life out of you fast. 

But the conversion rate for sales that don’t require direct labor, like digital download products is a greater factor. 

If you are not getting sales, overdeliver in your offer until you get traffic going, then you can adjust your offer as you start getting traffic. 

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landongrace is correct. Focusing on conversion can be a slippery slope and it will naturally go up and down on a daily or weekly basis. One thing you can do to help narrow the gap is to follow up on order queries.

When someone messages you for a quote be sure to follow up with them within a week if they have not purchased. Just a simple “Hey, do you still need this? If not I hope to work with you in the future.” kind of message.

I have found that this has helped to prompt people into purchasing and a few people who went somewhere else have now chosen to buy from me solely due to my low pressure follow up. Only follow up once. If they don’t respond, leave them be.

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Guest itsyourthing

I may be misunderstanding something, but maybe your conversion rate is slipping because you’re getting more views from new buyers and they’re too confused to buy? Looking at your typing gig, the extras are very confusing “Type upto 35 pages with in 2 days” adds 3 days and “Type upto 45 pages with in 3 days” adds 4 days. The added days are in addition to the initial 24 hours of the basic gig that offers 25 pages. So each extra 10 pages takes 36 hours?

Unless I’m missing something that means it will take 4 days to get 35 pages and 45 pages in 5 days.

Maybe your older clients know what you mean, but to new buyers it doesn’t make sense.

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If you talk about conversion rate specifically then it is half on you and half on fiverr. So conversion rate is percentage of visitors converted into buyers. So if it is low that can be next:

  • your description is not good
  • what you offer is not good enough
  • some other factors which prevents people to buy

    But another part is fiverr itself. If fiverr is driving non targeted traffic to your gigs then you can’t do much about that.
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It’s hard to establish a realistic conversion rate within 3 months. Maybe it’s just averaging out to where it belongs. If you have a good month, it can completely distort conversion rates.

The only real way to tell is to monitor your figures until they reach a stable amount, then go from there.

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My conversion rate was higher when I was working 18 hours a day on Fiverr at cheaper rates. I had to do that to get traction when I started. Now I couldn’t tell you what my conversions are today, but I do less jobs and my Fiverr income is 10 times what it was when I started. So I would say my conversions should be less. I now work about 4 hours a day 7 days a week. I just turned gigs off today because I am getting too many emails.

Everybody can do it. It just takes time to grow. If you need your Fiverr income to grow, I would suggest striving for:

100% (No Negative Feedback)

Quick Response Time

Deliver Twice what your customer’s Expectations are. (You will blow them away)

When I turn my gigs back on the prices may go higher and that will slow my order traffic down and probably drop my conversion rate once again.

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you do not want to listen 🙂

you cannot observe conversion rate without 2 other factors including it:

  • number of views
  • number of orders

    conversion rate = number of orders / number of views

    my point is next:

    You may get a LOT more views but IRRELEVANT so that reduces conversion rate. It depends a lot on fiverr and how it ranks your gig.

    My conversion rate goes from 3% to 7% up and down and I do not care until I have stable amount of orders…
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