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What should I do to get my gigs featured?


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Reply to @danielrika: Sharing a photo on facebook among friends is a lot different than sharing photos and taking money for providing them.

In short, yes you are breaking the law. It’s piracy, plain and simple. If you share a link to download movies, it would be the same thing. Just because it’s photos doesn’t make it any less illegal.

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Reply to @danielrika:

Sharing a photo publically online without the appropriate permissions usually just results in the photo being removed when the copyright holder takes action. Selling the photo might have some more severe consequences.

I have had my work stolen several times over they years, usually I try to resolve things peacefully with the other party, when that hasn’t worked i have filed a copyright claim to have my content removed. Have only had to take serious legal action against copyright violators once in my life!

In other words it mostly depends on the copyright owner.

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Reply to @danielrika: If you think it’s that easy to shut down movie piracy sites, you should sell your services to the MPAA. 🙂

In all seriousness, what you’re doing is actually worse than sites that just give away movies and photos. You’re selling the photos, so you’re profiting from the illegal sale of copyrighted material. It’s actually a worse crime.

In some cases there are “fair use” arguments around sharing copyrighted material. But the minute you take money for it, “fair use” goes out the window and it’s a crime. There is absolutely not instance in which taking money for photos, movies, music, etc., can be considered “fair use”.

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danielrika said: Reply to @miketeller:

I would really like to know more about the copyright law, because it gets broken every second and few people get punished.


Copyright laws vary from country to country so the punishment also varies. As people have posted many times in this forum:

A.) It is illegal.

B.) It is against Fiverr terms of service.

C.) There are many illegal items and services sold on Fiverr.

D.) If and when Fiverr gets in trouble because of it, you will also 'get in trouble'.

E.) Because someone gets away with something illegal that doesn't make it OK to do the same.

F.) Selling access to ANYTHING you do not create or have a LEGAL license to distribute, e.g., images, music, film, written works, software, etc., is illegal. (See A. above.)


The simple solution is to sell something legal instead of spending your time trying to figure out how to get away with breaking laws or taking advantage of someone else's work.


If you're interested in selling illegal items you'd make far more money selling things on a street corner instead of through Fiverr.

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