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Changing gig title, any down sides?


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I need advice, I am thinking about changing the title of my writing gig again, but last time I noticed when the title changes, the link stayed the same. Last time I only changed the word count from “up to 600” to “up to 500” and as you can tell, the link still represents the 600 (which may confuse people).


I was wondering, other than the link not changing is there any other down sides to switching up the gig title? The other day my gig was in 3rd spot under “Creative Writing” category, will changing it again harm that?

I’m thinking about changing it from this:

"I will manually rewrite your article up to 600 words"

To this, and just explain the amount of words in the description:

"I will manually write or rewrite your content"

What are your thoughts, how much of an impact could changing the title have on it? Right now the gig performance shows 15k views in the last 30 days, but only 508 clicks and 44 orders which isn’t a very good conversion rate.

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I prefer “up to 500” or “up to 700” if you really want to be aggressive. Personally, up to 500 is fine, most blog content isn’t greater than 500 words, and you want people ordering gig extras for 700 word jobs.

With that said, if your gig is the 3rd spot under Creative Writing, why change anything? Clearly what you’re doing is working. By the way, what are your tags? When I searched rewrite blog, article rewrite, article rewriter, I didn’t find you. Tags are very important to being found.

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@danielrika - I placed an order at the gig below, only cost $10 and to my surprise I had it the same day. 🙂


@fastcopywriter - Thanks for the response, you may have a point. I may need to look into the tags instead of the title… Thanks.

Current tags: rewrite, writing, edit, write, proofreading

Would it be ideal to create a new gig and target those who just need the content written instead of rewriting?

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Reply to @ghanes14: My pleasure.

If you create a new gig it should look different from the old gig, I have 4 headline-related gigs, but they’re all different (general headlines, teespring, book titles, gig titles).

Or what you could do is save those current tags on a word document and try new tags, see if your traffic increases, if you get more orders.

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