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I created my new profile but no one is viewing it :( how can i make buyers?


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Cyrene James Oso



Hi My name is Cyrene and it is my pleasure to be part of Fiverr Community. As a new member I want my customers to feel a satisfaction with a genuine service.Writing has been my hobby and many people inspired me to continue my passion.


I am an honest person willing help you in your career.


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Reply to @zeepro: Before even clicking on a gig I see a few problems with your “About me.” First saying your experienced on fiverr is not needed because it will be reflected by a badge as you gain more levels. Also where you have “…receive a precious response…” I would make it “I can assure a swift response to all your questions.” What I did was make it seem like the customer will get a speedy response but also makes it seem more personable.

Secondly, you have one gig twice just changed around the words. That is not needed and looks pretty tacky on your side.

I have not looked at your gigs themselves but view this discussion I created about a few questions every gig description should answer and I hope you start seeing lots of sales. http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/49599/the-3-w039s-to-include-in-your-description

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Reply to @cyrene291: Your about me could be played with a little bit but, I do not think anything you have is hurting you so I will just get right with a gig. Firstly, your gig I will write your oratorical speech for $5, there is a lot of speech writers on fiverr so it is really saturated with many high rated sellers. Praising fiverr at the end of your description also is not needed. Your description is one of the better ones I have reviewed lately. Every gig description needs to answer 3 fundamental questions that I made a post about here http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/49599/the-3-w039s-to-include-in-your-description There are also a few grammar mistakes which as you offering a speech writing service is most likely hurting you.

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TOPIC TITLE: "how can i make buyers???"

First. You boil a pot of water. Then add 3/4 tbsp of salt. 1 egg and half cup of flour.

Heat the mixture to a boil and then add 1/2 cup butter and some brown sugar.

Remove from heat and let buyer cool for about an hour and they should be ready.

That’s how you make a buyer.


Also… You can check all your grammar as everyone keeps writing and make sure what you write makes sense. If you can’t do it, ask someone else to do it for you.

English is clearly not your first language but Fiverr is an English speaking site. If your gigs or description doesn’t make any sense it won’t help you sell gigs.

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