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Why can't I edit massages sent a few minutes ago made during conversations?


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I think it’s absolutely wise not being able to correct messages.

Think about it: you could send an offensive message to someone, he could read it and then you could change it back to something cool… so if your target filed a complaint he could seem lunatic…

No, honestly: be careful of what you write and once done… it’s done…

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Reply to @eddyhertz: editing messages is not good at all, not only for that reason.

Mine was just a sample.

Think about this new sample: buyer asks me a quotation and I provide it; so buyer orders but I change my mind and edit my previous message so to raise the price or leave some extra out… Should I go on? This will result in a fight, a cancelled order and one or two tickets on Customer Support… for the sake of what?

I don’t feel (it’s a personal opinion) we need an edit feature… if we write something wrong, simply we can write another message… it’s fast, easy and cannot be misrepresented.

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