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The limit on vacations


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I’ve got a REAL problem with the limit on vacation time.

For most of us, I’m assuming, Fiverr is a part-time endeavor. “Real life” will very often make it impossible for me to keep my gig active for sometimes several days in a row. I travel a lot in my profession, and do voice-over work here on Fiverr. While I do have a portable studio, it does not provide the same quality as my real studio, AND other times I simply can’t travel with it.

When the vacation mode came along, I was delighted - especially because people could basically put themselves on a waiting list, and know when to expect me back.

Recently, I tried to put myself in vacation mode for a long weekend of travel and was told that there is a 28 day yearly limit for vacation and that I had exceeded those days (which I highly doubt anyway…)

WHAT is the logic in having ANY kind of restriction like that on Fiverr?

Now, I have to SUSPEND my gig completely and more than once, returning clients come to hire me and I’ve simply vanished! That sends a TERRIBLE and CONFUSING message to my clients! Why would I just disappear like that? I end up coming across as totally unprofessional.

At least on vacation mode, they know that I’m on VACATION and when I’ll BE BACK.

I see NO logic in having any kind of limit on vacation days and only see it as a detriment. Can ANYONE explain why we have only 28 days of “vacation” on Fiverr? Geez, I though we were here to ESCAPE the corporate mindset…

I freaking LOVE working here on Fiverr. It lets me play with my passion, meet amazingly interesting people, make GOOD money on the side, and have a lot of creative fun.

But a LIMIT on when I can step away from it? WHY?

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