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How I got my first sales... and you can too!


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Here are some of the ways I managed to get my first sales in just a few days after joining Fiverr.

  1. Go on forums where customers may be hanging out. Leave you link in the signature.

    2)Sing up for twitter, and find tweets wanting your service. Tweet them your link.

  2. Promote in Google+ groups

  3. Promote in Facebook groups

  4. Optimize your gigs for keywords! Find a keyword you think people will search and put in your title, tags, and description.

  5. Stand out. If your gig is unique and the only one of its kind on Fiverr, customers will have to pick you!

  6. Be patient. If it has been two weeks and you haven’t gotten a sale, make some tweaks.

    What are your tips?
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