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@d3services is right! You can’t fight a paypal dispute as the dispute is between the buyer and fiverr. Normally in business you would hand the issue over to a debt collection agency but on fiverr you can’t do that either due to fiverrs privacy policy. If you have insurance they won’t cover your loss either even if the gig is for the max sum of 10k.

I also checked with my union and they won’t offer any help if disaster strikes when working on fiverr.

Atm sellers just have to accept that we are completely unprotected when a buyer files a paypal dispute.

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d3services said: You will NEVER have any disputes with PayPal as long as Fiverr is taking care of this.


Have you never read the forums? This happens all the time! Once you your clients do the thing so (To somewhat censor this), it takes money away from Fiverr so you don't get paid!


This post is MISLEADING

Screenshots are perfect if you get the customer to talk


When you are getting paid through PayPal you know who is paying you. So when ilovecustomers says to verify the purchase, he(or she :P) means to find out who purchased the gig on PayPal through their E-mail address.


So when a (Thingy-Thang) *Censor* happens you can tell paypal that you knew who bought it. At that point you have a connection from the PayPal account to the Fiverr account.


Then with evidence, of you working on the gig, you can send that to PayPal.


With that done paypal knows:


1. How their paypal is linked to fiverr

2. That the work was sent to them

3. That the work is valid for what they purchased

4. That their customer is trying to **** over the system


At that point PayPal will return the money and then they will do their thing.


It does take a while, but you will win if you.


Have evidence of you doing the gig

Screenshot communications with buyer

Ask CS to verify the order


And most importantly..



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The only one who can solve this is Fiverr. The individual seller is out of the picture. My questions is, is Fiverr trying to come up with a solution. It has been called the Pay Pal Scam and I believe it is a scam that is being used more and more, especially on large gig purchases.

Either fiverr is not equipped to handle PayPal disputes or because it would be quite time consuming fiverr decided it is easier to not to challenge dispute and allow the refund.

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