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Are you promoting your Fiverr gigs through business cards at business networking events?


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If you are not, I highly recommend you give it a shot…but be clever about it. Put the resources of Linkedin to work for you in addition to Fiverr. That is to say, show up at the business networking event prepared to give out third-party referrals in the form of business cards from other people. But, not just anyone’s business card. Only hand out the business cards of folks you are already connected to on Linkedin. Therefore, every set of business cards you hand out become third-party referrals from you and may lead to many Level 3 connections to you in the not-too-distant future.

Now, I recommend you “tag” every person on Linkedin whose card you receive through this exchange BEFORE you try to establish a Linkedin connection. I also encourage you include six rubber-banded business cards (with your business card on the top and a Fiverr Moo Card on the bottom showcasing one of your most-popular Fiverr gigs).

The goal here is to build a TRIBE - both on Linkedin and on Fiverr. In fact, show up at busines networking events with rubber bands in M&M cannisters and pass them out. Get in the habit of rubber-banding business cards and handing them out wherever you go - even if the event is not specifically designed for business networking. Yes, you can even hand them out to the cashier at the local grocery store. The idea here is that you want to have OTHER PEOPLE actively engaged in SPREADING YOUR MESSAGE. And, what’s the best way to help make that sort of thing happen? Demonstrate that you desire to help others do likewise. Passing out rubber bands is a clever way to proceed - especially when people understand what you are actually doing for them. It really does send the right message - you are orchestrating a win/win opportunity.

Lamar Morgan

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