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Well Ranked but no orders?


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I have the same problem. From September to now, orders, and people contacting, all decreasing. I don’t know what happens. But one thing i know is that keywords of gig it seems that doesn’t runs. I only can be found by using one of them, but i used the 5 allowed.

I don’t know why Fiverr searching engine doesn’t find them.

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Guest harinath_pvt

I had same problem, my account was 10 month old with over 250 successful orders and 99% positive rating. Earlier my gigs were searchable but from last 1 month don’t know what happened they are no where when i search.

I deleted that account and made this new account.

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Reply to @alex_angelo: May be in Spain Christmas starts at first of november??

I think something is changing or there is a sophisticated system that delivers different results as per an unknown criteria.

Or simply, Fiverr is loosing clients also. The last fee added too clients may be is not a good idea.

The thing that is real is our loosing in visits and orders.

They must take care with sellers and its 20% of commission that they pay for do what??

Fiverr is also our comercial agent. If they don’t send us people to our gigs, may be their commision should be less than a 20%.

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Also… In general, I’m happy with Fiverr. And i can accept that orders are putted by buyers, but, what about with visits?? When i try to found me by Autocad keyword, i’m very good positioned.

but since 3 months ago visits decreasing…

And posible buyers?? Lately they ask if you can do it inmediately or asking for price with poor information and you intent to initiate a good contact. They simply dissapear.

Sometimes i think these buyers can not be real and are virtual.

But if you don’t have these kind of problems, you can give thanks to God.

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