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Dollars Calculation Problem URGENT


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Numbers on the web counters do not always clearly make sense. I have even had the deliver fill say, “you just earned $20.00” actually have a figure that is twice what it should be. This month, My monthly sales dollar amount reset during the middle of the month. But the payouts are happening correctly. It’s almost like the website is just getting data from a separate real accounting system.

If I was Fiverr, and I’m not, thank goodness, I would not let the webdesigners dictate the financial data. I would have the financial guy let the web guys access the financial data. That would only seem logical. There is just way to much money at stake and it has to be right. Fiverr is constantly working on web code, each additional cool additional to the website opens up room for problems with relaying the accounting info to you.

While the actual sales and payouts happen consistently, the web data sometime is not reflective of the actual finances. But after 14 months the system has always paid correctly on payout and I have confidence in it. I don’t spend time auditing it now. I just makes my head hurt and I don’t worry about it. Kind of like trying to balance a checkbook with just a pile of receipts! I am a service provider, and not an accountant. I can guarantee this. The more work you complete the more it pays and it has been awesome! Good luck.

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Reply to @landongrace: Thanks a lot for to write a long description to explain me its mean i will get $52 when i withdraw my money…

kindly tell me 1 more thing today i received 1 email from

"Hi There,

We noticed you didn’t complete your order.

The seller would like to get started on the order but is waiting for you to

complete your purchase. Complete your order now or feel free to contact osman_shahbazwith any question."

And when i click below green button link “Complete your order now” then its redirect me to my gig i’m not understand what i need to do ???


Osman shahbaz

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I can’t see all of your stats page. You will be able to withdraw 80% of what you charged for each job about 14 days after the job has been posted as complete. “Pending clearance” is what is going to be able to be able to be withdrawn in the next 14 days. Upcoming earnings is all of the jobs that have not been completed including the new jobs in your queue.

Your other question.

As a buyer, does the order require you to submit information to start the order? I don’t have as much experience as a buyer. If the seller already has all of the information for the order, just type something in the order to start the gig. Like “start”. With each new order the system requires payment and descriptive information in the order to start. This keeps an order from starting until you have information for the order. But if you have already got the information in the messaging, the buyer must put something in the order for the order to begin. These incomplete orders are hard to see on your main page because they haven’t started. You will find them at Manage Sales - New. They will be listed as incomplete orders.

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